Writing for money online

I dont know what it is about the word writing …but every time i type it, it comes out wriiting.
Just thought I would share.

So this site never gets updated anymore, after building it and getting into monetization methods I learned I wasnt allowed to use affiliate links on wordpress.com sites. They very nicely allowed me to keep the site if I removed the links, so I did and I am grateful, but Im not sure what reason i have to keep it alive now that I manage another 20 something sites.

So back to the point, I write for money online and figured I would liven up this decaying site by adding some fresh content.

If your into making money writing online here are a couple of resources I developed.


A summary of places that provide free online courses for writers, including the esteemed Massachusetts institute of technology (wtf..I cant type writer but I pull of Massachusetts just fine!) the article divides the resources by variety and also includes some paid courses for online content writing.

Top Ten Places To Write For Money Online

Just a quick summary and explanation of ten different and proven online wriitng resources

Writing for adsense – why dont I make money with adsense

I think the title tells enough

Writing online for money

Writing online for money and maximizing content revenue

Do you realize that you can legitimately make 15 to 100 dollars per article written, articles that are only 300-500 words?

You can also make residuals and performance pay effectively creating a portfolio of writings that will pay for years to come


Give it a read and find out more..NOTHING FOR SALE!

I hate the new FaceBook layout and home page

Facebooks growth has been record breaking, recently in an attempt to take advantage of the popularity of Twitter’s micro blog market they have made some major changes to the sites interface.

These changes have not been taken well by a very vocal and dissatisfied community

read more I hate the new facebook layout

PayPal Postage Label Printers

If your into eBay, and your business is growing, than you should be automating as much of the process as possible. One o fthe great built in features of PayPal is automated postage printing.

But, to really use this feature to the max you need to print directly to labels. Although you may already be using standard size sticky paper for this purpose, you are not maximizing your profit because you are most likely printing with an inkjet printer.

Time to get a label printer caveman!

Below is a review and links to all the Paypal Compatible Label printers


Take a look through your options.

Auctiva reported as Attack site warning TRUE

Auctiva reported as attack site warning TRUE

SInce yesterdays article on the seemingly innocuous Auctiva warning, it has come to my attention that warning details have changed.

The google warning now displays that the site has detected threats.

sunday auctiva warning reported as attack site

sunday auctiva warning reported as attack site

Personally, I am not concerned about actually having my system integrity compromised as a have a new and current AV running at all times and firewall and am behind a router.

I did access the site today to check on the current warning screen.

But how does this effect us as sellers who use Auctiva.

If your bidders selects “supersize image” they will see the attack warning

If your bidder uses the auction scroller they will see attack warning

If your bidder attempts to use the auctiva checkout system, they will receive attack warning, do you have your system set to automatically thank new bidders or winning bidders – they will receive an attack warning.

This will scare many of out less tech savvy bidders, who may even blame us the auction holders as being the culprits.

I would have really appreciated seeing some sort of notification or statement from auctiva about this issue.

I actually think their silence is proof that they do not have the issue under control and are not capable of fixing the problem

Considering there launch of teh Auctiva e commerce stores soon, this is not a good sign of customer service and integrity.

A conspiracy theory, perhaps ebay was concerned about losing some of their market share and decided to use gray channels to fight back?

Another risk that you may have not realized is that your token has your auctiva and ebay accounts linked, theoretically if the auctiva system is compromised mysterious auctions and edits could be made into your ebay account!

This is an example of getting what you pay for, although I was seriously considering getting involved with auctiva ecommerce stores…but now i wonder

have any of you actually felt a backlash from your bidders as a result of this snafu?

Auctiva Attack Site warning: 2

Please read most current updates on auctiva reported as attack site

I see this post is getting some hits, i was really just venting, so my answers for you.

1.Dont be concerned

2. to bypass the warning, just click the link on the bottom right of your warning screen.

3. If you read the report on why, you would see that there is no legitimate reason shown for the warning

4. I found it impossible to list via the site because every new window gave me that warning which just became annoying.

5 Just in case you didnt know, since auctiva and ebay are linked your listings will still show your slider and your warranty info and counters if you list via ebay today…you just wont get your tempaltes and pre filled info, you can get the auctions going and just go back and revise once the site warning goes away.

6. this is an issue with your firefox browsers security settings…you can simply whitelist the site in your options to get around this issue
I have read that the issue also effects googlechrome

7. Auctiva knows about the issue and claims that it relates to there recent server switch

Wow, super annoying…today Im trying to set up some quick 24 hour eBay auctions via Auctiva.com – every damn page I go forward I get the reported attack site warning from firefox…every page!

The worst part is when you read through the reasons for the warning, there are none! For every delineated reason a page could be reported, the page clearly states that Auctiva had not been reported for that reason.

Hopefully that goes away soon, as I have my templates stored by Auctiva.. jeez, sometimes technology just isnt cool

eBay Spoof email: The very best attempt I have seen yet


Most of us who are active on eBay are accustomed to frequent and poor attempts to steal or “phish” our passwords via bogus emails.

They are usually pretty easily seen, But I was almost taken by this one, perhaps because I was bleery eyed at 4am when I first opened the email, but nonetheless I figured I share so others would know what to look for.

Before I post it, In case you dont read all the way through, Remember these 3 tips, so that you are NEVER successfully phished.


  • Select details or show more details, in your email heading, although the email may say Paypal the originating address is more important.
  • ex)1st flag
    from PayPal <service-dzd38r27vs3@2473.paypal-update.usafinancialjobs.net>
    to sunforged@kmail.com
    date Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 12:33 AM
    subject sunforged@kmail.com, please restore your account access
    You will see that colored heading does say Paypal but, the actual originating address is originating from the domain usafinancialjobs.net, not paypal.com as it should!
  • Next, They addressed me by my email address, Paypal will ALWAYS use your registered name
  • And finally as a security precaution, never log in from a link in the email, open a new window or tab and log in directly from the site.
  • I did perform a WhoIs search on the originating domain on this fraud attempt (usafinancialjobs.net, they used the sub domain “paypal update” but they are paying for a privacy service, I called but was directing to their registrar Register.com who was unable to help due to the service.
  • see the rest of the email below, pretty tricky, It was formatted well unlike most…so beware, but if you follow the three tips you will never get tricked again, if you do get one, forward it to spoof@ebay.com, they send you an automated thank you and they seem to get the originating web pages/emails/links/domains shut down very quickly.

Dear sunforged@kmail.com

PayPal works 24/7 to help safeguard your privacy and protect your identity by using advanced technology and vigilant monitoring. We deploy fraud prevention technology that monitors transactions for suspicious activity.

As part of our efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for the online community, we regularly screen account activity. While reviewing your PayPal and eBay accounts, we observed activity that we would like to further verify. For this reason, limitations have been placed on your account(s) until we are able to gather some additional information from you.

In order to resolve the account limitations, please complete the following steps:

1. Log into your PayPal account
2. Complete the necessary information

  • Contact information – your name, address, phone, email, and other similar information.
  • Financial information – the bank account numbers and credit card numbers that you link to your PayPal account.
  • We may require you to provide additional information we can use to verify your identity or address or manage risk, such as your date of birth, social security number or other information.

    Account Review Department
    Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

    In case you were interested the link they direct you to is here (http://www.paypal.com.login-session-vxyrydqbr7t.usafinancialjobs.net/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_login-run&id=c3VuZm9yZ2Vkc3R1ZGlvc0BnbWFpbC5jb20=)  You’ll notice it actuall begins with paypal.com etc. so pretty in depth attempt!

    Auctiva is launching an ebay alternative site!

    Auctiva a popularly used ebay listing tool (recommended by me), is launching its own ebay alternative. Hopefully ebay wont backlash by removing their partner status but considering how many sellers use their tools and there easy to remember domain they have a pretty good shot at being a strong alternative.

    Good Luck auctiva!


    Pimp my Frat House opens – Beer Foos, Beer Pong, etc.

    I didnt know people were so wrapped up in thi stuff, amazing trick shots, strip pong!

    This is a fun site, get some!

    Strip Pong, Beer Foosball, Beer Leagues, Tournaments

    Trying out a new dropshipper for eBay, Risk free

    With the Christmas season coming, My eBay business faces a potential bottleneck, with money to invest into product I could easily see thousands of dollars this season in profit, but with the need to buy presents, multiple birthdays and holiday travel its hard to imagine having any substantial funds collected at once.

    How will I solve this issue, Im going to finally try a drop shipper, now DOBA is a pretty well known resource but I figured it would be to well known to make a decent return on, Im hoping my better than average design, communication and marketing skills will give me the leg up on other DOBA users.

    Also, if I found the appropriate niche that isnt over saturated I might make a good steady income… any thoughts on how I can find that niche?

    Previously my skills have been in finding already hot products for low prices and maximizing my turnaround with careful timing, good communication etc.

    Basically, Im a great salesman, but sourcing has been an up and down journey.

    Why now, well DOBA is offering a free 7 day trial, ideally I would have started on a Thursday, tested with a bunch of three day auctions, and then canceled by Wednesday, but Im hoping that I wont have to cancel.

    So give it a shot with me, 7 days free, mark your calender cancel on the 6th day, unlike most offers this should be easy to remember since you will be tracking your non existent items daily in your eBay.

    At least I know I will.

    It seems worst case scenario, Ill be out some listing fees, probably less than $4.00 which means Ill still profit by signing up via my own affiliate link.

    How to go back to Profile 1.0 Myspace


    After yesterdays announcement many Myspacers are attempting to create their profiles in 2.0.

    But, many of us have spent hours if not days using the previous format to get exactly the design we wanted.

    Worried that you may have lost your old space?

    Dont be, after selecting “upgrade to profile 2.0” the myspace server will still save your old page for 90 days.

    While in the new edit module, viewable in the screenshot below select “Go Back” this probably confuses all of us as we are used to “going back” a page, but in this case selecting that will bring up
    the next screenshot

    You will see a link that says “switch back to 1.0”

    Thats it!

    According to Myspace:

    * Profile 2.0 gives you granular control over privacy, and enhanced customization options.
    * Hide your comments, friends, age, last login, and more.
    * Make parts of your profile visible to specific groups of friends (friend categories).
    * New themes to style your page without any knowledge of HTML or pasting codes.
    * Profile 2.0 loads faster and has a sleeker, more modern look.

    Remember, you can always go back to your current profile if you don’t like it. Enjoy!

    So dont worry, here is a screenshot of the new design module in case you havent tried it yet.


    Its only been out a couple of hours at the time of this post, it seems at this time to be a great tool for those who never took the time to learn the html and css required for the old Profile 1.0 but with a perfunctory inspection, I still havent figured out where to enter my html and content and quite frankly the layout and theme generator is no better than the third party ones we are already used to.

    Anyone familiar with facebook will be completely accustomed to the add module features and the drag and drop ordering.

    You can enter your own CSS and the layout generator allows you enter a background and place it also features for text color and the like, but how do I insert my flash video or ebay widgets and other code?

    Well that was a mystery to me until I gave up, apparently the new dashboard you see after first upgrading isnt your only edit view. After you publish your new layout and go back to your home page (not your profile page) the edit profile link leads to the exact same 5 box – about me, who id like to meet, music etc. So there still is a location for entering html (A question Ive seen on the net already)

    But remember you can not enter CSS (Cascading style sheets) anywhere except for the module called CSS

    In my case Ill keep 1.0 as I have learned to edit and design it any way I please, the screenshots I posted come from my test page that I use to display clients designs before they are approved

    Ill keep you posted.

    feel free to add my personal myspace page:

    Joshua Sunforged on Myspace

    or read my other blogs:

    Contact me with your thoughts. The first ten people to send a link of their newly designed Profile 2.0 myspace pages will be showcased here via screenshots and links. Either post a comment or contact me at sunforged@hotmail.com

    If you still need help here is a video tutorial on how to roll back to Myspace Profile 1.0


    In conclusion my advice is breath! Yes its different but its still myspace after 10-20 minutes of fooling around with the options, you will understand.

    In case you do decide to keep your Myspace 2.0 profile, pre-made layouts do already exist here are some examples



    Below is a link for professional designers and CSS professionals to explore and share ideas about the new Profile 2.0 style. This should be a great resource after some time passes allowing them to work and learn the new style


    Not specifically for 2.0 but the best layout styles and codes your going to find regardless of edition, div and flash based templates and resources



    eBay Accepted Payments exposed

    All eBay sellers should know from eBays messaging system that check and money orders are no longer an accepted form of payment. This policy came into effect in October 2008.

    The only accepted forms of payment are now via Paypal and ProPay. Which means your buyers can still use a e-check via Paypal but you are now protected via Paypal and on the downside forced to pay Paypal for processing fees.

    What you may not know is that this policy will not be enforced until Jan 09th 2009. Meaning you can openly accept checks and money orders and state such in your listings until that date. Of course many will continue to list acceptance of these payment plans and will only be affected if there listing is reported.

    Even after 01-09-09, a seller may continue to accept checks and money orders at the buyers request, but the buyer will not be protected under any of eBays protection policies and will not be eligible to file a dispute or leave negative feedback.

    Straight from eBay:

    What should I do if I have long-standing, repeat customers who insist on paying with checks or money orders, even after I explain the benefits of electronic payments and offer suggestions?
    We know this may happen occasionally. A seller can accept check and money order payment from a buyer if (and only if) the buyer requests it. We will not take action against a seller who is trying to accommodate their buyer, complete a sale and be in compliance with the policy. Once these changes go into effect October 20, 2008, a seller cannot in any way solicit check or money order payment from a buyer. This is considered “abuse of the payments policy”. We will take action against such abuse. Remember also, you can refuse to accept these payment methods. If the buyer doesn’t pay, you can file an unpaid item (UPI) complaint. Buyers who insist on paying with these prohibited payment methods in a UPI claim will lose the claim and will not be allowed to leave negative feedback.

    You may have noticed that I have not mentioned ProPay at all, at this time ProPay is a flimsy alternative payment option, probably allowed only to hide eBAys obvious monopoly over the entire auction system.

    Without PowerSeller status (a very high transaction rate), one is not eligible for a ProPay merchant account. Supposedly other payment options will be announced in the coming months.

    ebay,propay,paypal,accepted payments,check,money orders,monopoly,sellers secrets,buy,auction,

    Add a Favicon to your web page!

    I am currently redesigning the Sunforged.com website. As a fun feature I decided to create my own favicon.

    A favicon is the image that appears next to the URL bar in your Browser – some very recognizable ones would be the Google “G” the Gmail – envelope and the Craigslist Peace symbol.

    In addition to appearing in the URL bar it can be associated with favorites and bookmarks to quickly find the URL from a big list from its recognizable icon.

    The process is actually very easy. One selects an image editing program creates a canvas that is 16 X 16 pixels and gets to designing, this is very small, so a limited palette is suggested.

    Once a suitable design is completed save the design as “favicon.ico” and upload to your index files via your ftp client, Now, the browser will display your image when someone is viewing your page. Pretty cool!

    The icon can also be associated with any bookmarks or favorites that your viewers make by using a little bit of code and placing between the head tags of your page..

    This is the code:

    <link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”favicon.ico” >

    Of course if you are not capable of creating your own favicon from scratch here is an auto generator its very cool and easy to use. I experimented with 20 or so images before deciding to just create my image from scratch.

    Favicon Generator and Validator

    View the favicon in action notice its in the URL bar and in the tab. The Sunforged Site

    Paypal disputes exposed


    Q. Hello. I have a quick Question about PayPal. I bought an item on eBay, I never received the item so I opened a claim. It was ruled in my favor but the seller did not have sufficient funds in his Paypal account. What happens now? Do I lose the rest or will Paypal give me what is owed?? The dispute in my Paypal account says closed, so I am confused. Please help. Thanks.

    A.In my personal experience: I have won disputes against fraudulent sellers who seemed prepared to lose as they knew they were in the wrong and had quickly removed funds and/or cancelled connected bank accounts.

    So although the dispute was decided in my favor since the seller did not have the funds in Paypal and either removed or lacked funds in connected account, I never received a cent.

    My next step was to contact my credit card company and dispute the charge I was credited the funds by my cc company. (Chargeback) Most banks and credit card companies have consumer friendly chargeback policies relating to online fraud.

    In any future disputes my first step will be to dispute the charge before even bothering with ebays/paypal dispute console.

    BUT, as long as a seller has a long history of transactions, you are not likely to have this happen again – it is in a sellers best interest to maintain a positive standing and feedback level, and with a high transaction level it is unlikely that they will have a paypal account that is not funded and current.

    eBays buyer complaint policy:

    General. PayPal’s Buyer Complaint Policy covers goods that are purchased and not delivered, and goods purchased on eBay and paid by using PayPal that are “significantly not as described”. For payments relating to eBay transactions, this Policy may apply if the buyer complaint is ineligible for coverage under PayPal Buyer Protection. Buyer disputes must be filed within 45 days of the payment and, even if the buyer’s claim is justified, the buyer will receive a recovery only if there are funds in the seller’s account. RECOVERY OF YOUR CLAIM IS NOT GUARANTEED.

    Paypal is notorious for being on the sellers side and conducting sketchy business including account freezes and lost funds. Research claims against PayPal via the BBB to get an understanding of this.

    I am a seller and even I use a prepaid debit card to protect myself, I am completely honest in my transactions and as a result and trust my own judgement above ebay/paypals.

    eBay now has a buyer protection guarantee, you will see this on eligible listings

    Long story short – contact you cc company and request a chargeback, here is the relevant info from Paypal/eBay

    If you close your dispute or it is otherwise closed, or if you cancel your claim or it is denied or results in no refund, you may still be able to pursue your card chargeback/reversal rights. In many cases, your credit card company will allow you to file a chargeback for 90 days or more after the date of payment. If PayPal resolves a claim in a buyer’s favour but the buyer does not receive a full recovery of their payment and if the time for processing of a claim results in the buyer’s loss of chargeback rights, then PayPal will provide a full recovery to the buyer.


    My suggestion for prepaid debit card to use as added protection.

    eBay Power Seller Secrets – Exposed vol 1

    eBay has opened up a new venue for small businesses across the world to expand their sales, markets and exposure. Depending on ones prior experiences the tasks needed to expand successfully into this venue are either seen as dauntingly complex or misleadingly simple.

    I recently purchased a rather expensive book that was marketed as exposing PowerSeller secrets, unfortunately I did not discover any new information from this source so I have decided to share my apparently uncommon knowledge with cyberspace.

    In truth, PowerSellers jealously guard their secrets in hopes of keeping competition out.

    My eBay businesses are focused on passions of mine and involve high ticket items as a result I am less worried about loss of volume that the competition may create.

    For this first installment I will share links to many seller resources that I have found helpful in my sales, research and consultations. Once this series is completely composed and organized I will be moving it to a members area of my website.


    Links you will find useful in your growth:

    1. Never sell an item without knowing its approximate worth

    Terapeak Price Report

    2. Know your target market, close your items when your customers are shopping.

    3. Use research tools to take advantage of sellers who fail to follow appropriate scheduling and BIN pricing and use eBay as a sourcing tool for inventory.

    4. In order to accept payments you must have a Payment Processing Service, ie Paypal. As of October 20, 2008 eBay will no longer allow checks or money orders as payment options, Fortunately, they will not enforce this rule until January 2009. Other payment solution companys are expected to be named in the next few months. As of this time the only other solution is ProPay

    5. If your monthly sales are good and consistent you will save money in listing fees by opening an eBay Store.

    6. Or you may want to weave your eBay inventory with an e-commerce solution that integrates your pre-existing merchant account with Paypal and has a recognizable interface

    7. Your success continues to grow? You may want to consider purchasing your own domain and cross marketing your online presence.

    GoDaddy is the service for web hosting and domain registration, all of their interfaces are easy to understand, There FAQ sections are thorough and customer service is easily accessed, easily understood and quick to answer.

    Customer Service was able to easily walk me through a domain transfer and setting up the free hosting account that comes with all domains. This is the number one most important aspect in selecting a host when you are not an experienced guru yourself, you will have lots of questions, GoDaddy actually answers them !

    8. You will become uncomfortable with the fact that PayPal is constantly connected to your accounts, and has the power to hold, take and refund payments if you lose any bidder arbitration.

    Be sure to have a seperate seller and buyer account, use a prepaid debit card as your funding source, paypal will never be able to seize or hold assets against your will, that simply do not exist.

    Keep your connected seller account starved of funds and only connect a pre-paid debit to your buyers account.

    Keep in mind that I suggest only the most honest and professional conduct as a seller on eBay, but I do not trust Paypal and eBays arbitration system to make any decisions for me regarding returns, refunds and problem buyers. So a back up plan is proper.

    9. Try to personalize yourself to the buyers, print up thank you cards or coupons to include with every shipment, promote your brand and encourage repeat customers.

    It is also about time to have a presentable business card to present possible suppliers, customers and to prove legitimacy to those who think “Oh, he sells stuff on ebay, ”

    What makes Vistaprint stand out is their Free business card offer, they of course sneak in a handling fee, but for about 8 dollars you can get your first set of business cards.

    These business cards are watermarked with a small vistaprints logo on the back.

    As your business grows, you can continue to use the free business card offer to print your thank you cards and coupons.

    Take advantage of seasonal deals like free shipping to continue to purchase your business cards, if your not constantly reordering them, you are doing something wrong. Spread your cards around at every opportunity.

    10. Continue to search for sourcing. Many eBay sellers buy larger lots here and then resell on ebay.

    This is the first rough blog of PowerSeller Secrets and Tips.

    Learning WordPress

    Day 1: Registered wordpress site

    Day 2: Created header image in Photoshop, selected theme and created page hierarchy. Learned that I will be unable to migrate page to http://www.sunforged.com as I originally planned without beginning a new Linux based Hosting account.

    Day 3: Began to experiment with incorporating ebay widgets that show my current listings, but alas wordpress.org does not allow java based widgets on their servers.

    Day 4: I am quite put back by the inability to use java based widgets as I had planned on incorporating ebay design, development and products throughout this site. I have learned that I will be able to use the Flickr Widget in conjunction with rss feeds to display my portfolio of artworks that are at this time viewable at sunforged.com and various online portfolio sites

    Day 10: I have put off design and function issues in order to focus on a massive amount of content that I have backlogged. I have found some workarounds relating to using built in rss widgets and text boxes to include content and links that I previously considered impossible to include due to free hosting constraints.

    I will be purchasing paid hosting soon and then I can focus on a more visually appealing page, but for now it will be content driven

    The page has changed dramatically though and I will be including a new screenshot.

    Screenshot of page as of Day 4

    Screenshot of page as of Day 4

    Day 10

    Day 10


    Help Victims of Sandy Hook Massacre

    Help Victims of Sandy Hook Massacre

    Verified Organizations Accepting Donations to help Families in Connecticut

    Creating the Perfect Avatar Costume

    Creating the Perfect Avatar Costume is certainly going to be a high priority for many this Halloween season. Standing out from all the other Na’Vi running around in October will take attention to detail.

    You could just run around naked, covered in blue paint and call yourself an Avatar NaVi. But that would be stupid, and you would look like a jack ass.

    The important details for a solid Navi Costume will include a great Avatar Makeup Job and even possibly Avatar Masks or Prosthetics. But, the body paint, costume, ears and tail will really fill out your Na’Vi outfit.

    Low quality, throwaway masks and costumes can be found at any costume shop, I imagine, you know the type of crap , you find in a Captain crunch box.

    But, High quality special effects quality Avatar props do exist and with a little digging can be found at very affordable prices.

    The best options I have discovered so far:

    How to look like an Avatar : Avatar MakeUp Tutorial

    Special Effect Quality Hollywood Latex Avatar Navi Masks

    A new season means a new bag

    Guest post written by Tara Stringer

    I never feel like it’s a new season of the year until I make sure and find a new bag to get me through the season. I can’t really explain it. Maybe it’s just because I’m so rough on my purses anyway that after a season of carrying one around all the time, I’m honestly a little sick of it. Plus it isn’t in the best shape either. But I just now found my perfect bag for the fall season because I’ve been so busy. Other years I would have had my new perfect fall bag for at least a month by now!

    I used my wireless internet Charlotte to browse around a lot to find some ideas about which kind of bag I would really love and would also be in current style now.

    I finally tracked down this really cute, rich blue leather purse that I know is just me. It has a huge buckle on the front of it, which makes it even more interesting and looks like just my own personal style.

    Dressing up your – iPad Skins

    Ill put my feelings aside as to why a netbook is a much better, more powerful tool for mobile computing and address some of the customization issues required and available for the new(ish) apple iPad.

    Some of the obvious flaws with the iPad are the lack of usb ports and the required use of proprietary connections instead – this alone would keep me from wanting to support Apple in this endeavor .. but there is nothing to be done at this point about that issue.

    The shape of the ipad is interesting when it was an iPhone – but when used as a computing alternative it quickly proves lacking in keyboard, style and form factor.

    You may enjoy the form factor and sleek appearance – but its quick to tarnish with fingerprints and for such an expensive gadget it very much lacks in protective components.

    In order to create a personal style and also integrate some scratch protection a very affordable option lies in the iPad skin option

    Many of the available ipad cases also integrate kickstands which allows you to have a propable device for typing and watching movies at an appropriate angle, this will also create some drop and fall protection.

    Other accessories to consider include:

    Ipad Keyboards
    Ipad Insurance
    Ipad Accessories
    Ipad keyboard

    The Avatar Movie and the future of 3D television

    The James cameron film has opened up the eyes of the viewing public to see the future of the theater experience.

    The buzz has been huge, there are so many awesome related concepts that have developed from this phenom.

    Although you are not likely to find any theaters currently showing the film, you can find pre-order deals on the dvd. The Avatar DVD will be available in 2D, BlueRay and most likely very soon in 3D Bluray!

    Best source for Avatar BlueRay DVD

    AFter the summer, Home 3D technology will allow for viewing 3d stereoscopic theater in your living room.

    This will require the use of stereoscopic 3d glasses

    The merchandise and toys for Avatar are pretty cool.

    Most Avatar T-shirts incorporate glow in the dark ink

    The Avatar Toy Line uses webcams to create interactive 3d experiences that will acclimate your child to the ways of the future.

    SOme of the select best toys include:

      Avatar navi Toys
      Avatar jake Toys

    Buy Avatar stuff now, as when the Avatar sequel and trilogy comes out, the collectible prices will be huge.

    Avatar makeUp
    Avatar Photos
    Avatar Posters

    Friday Movie Social Night

    Friday nights are movies nights at my house. Our family gathers in the family room with invited friends or neighbors to watch a fun movie. Sometimes it’s a small group of just the four of us, but we have had occasions with as many as 22 people over. We have a huge 65 inch television so it easy for everyone to see the screen. These days there are so many good movies available on our cable provider’s on demand service so it makes it easy to choose a movie. Last Friday we chose to watch the on demand movie “The Social Network” on our http://www.bestchoicetv.com. With all the Oscar buzz and controversial talk about this movie, it seemed like it was worth watching. Everyone who came over said that they enjoyed the movie. After the movie was over, we had many interesting conversations and insights into the movie plot and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Some thought the movie favored certain viewpoints and was not impartial, but it is a movie afterall. It was made for entertainment not just as a documentary. I thought it was good for the young people to learn more about the creation of the social website that they usually visit several times a day. Also, we enjoyed the cast of young male leads. Justin Timberlake did a surprisingly good job

    Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard