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Pimp my Frat House opens – Beer Foos, Beer Pong, etc.

I didnt know people were so wrapped up in thi stuff, amazing trick shots, strip pong!

This is a fun site, get some!

Strip Pong, Beer Foosball, Beer Leagues, Tournaments

Whizzinator makers plead guilty!

The two makers of the “whizzinator” pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to defraud the government and conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia.

Does this piss anybody else off? The item is basically a false penis with a warming element that one would store inside their clothes with clean urine (no drugs) and use to dupe a drug test.

My problem. Its not against the law to cheat a drug test for employment, many of us still think its a violation of privacy to request one.

How about automatic weapons, sniper sights and automobile, more of these have been used in the commission of a crime then a “whizzinator” Ive never even heard of them, yet the government spends money to prosecute!

It seems they are using its use to cheat probation/parole tests as evidence.

So get yourself a whizzinator while you still can! Or just dont do drugs!

For natural detox, you could try these.

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Lean Cuisine Recall – Nestle Blue Plastic in Three varieties

Nov 18, 2008

Close to 900,000 pounds of frozen chicken has been recalled. As a result of blue plastic reportedly found by consumers in entrees, one injury has been reported.

This is a Class 1 Recall or one the USDA considers a high health risk.

The following products are subject to recall:

* 9.5-ounce packages of “LEAN CUISINE PESTO CHICKEN WITH BOW TIE PASTA” brand frozen meals. Printed on each side of each package is a production code of “8280595912” as well as a use-by date of “Best Before MAY 2010.”
* 10.5-ounce packages of “LEAN CUISINE CHICKEN MEDITERRANEAN” brand frozen meals. Printed on the side of each package is a production code of “8231595912” or “8241595912” as well as a use-by date of “Best before SEP 2010”; a production code of “8263595912,” “8269595911” or “8274595912,” as well as a use-by date of “Best before OCT 2010”; or, a production code of “8291595912” or “8301595912” as well as a use-by date of “Best before NOV 2010.”
* 12.5-ounce packages of “LEAN CUISINE CHICKEN TUSCAN” brand frozen meals. Printed on the side of each package is a production code of “8234595911” and a use-by date of “Best before SEP 2009”; a production code of “8253595911” or “8269595912” as well as a use-by date of “Best before OCT 2009”; or, a production code of “8292595911” or “8296595911” as well as a use-by date of “Best before NOV 2009.”

Here at sunforged we would like to point out that 800,000 pounds of lives will now be thrown away, what a terrible waste of life, I hope to here about many people being fired for this. If you really care you can contact Nestle for a refund.

Nestle’s Consumer Services Center at 800-993-8625 or visit the USDA website.

I dont understand how people are so easily duped into imagining that simply because it is entitled lean cuisine, it would be healthy, it is still pre-processed microwave junk, they just put a little less sugar and salt in.

Some actual healthy resources, many of which fall into the same price bracket.

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Have you been eating this type of crap, you need to detox and cleanse the preservatives out!

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Dec, 5 2008, Never saw this in the new again! Bet there are still tons of these in your fridge!

Ten resouces for Bloggers and Online writers

new blog post -efficient monetized blogging
Ten tricks for monetizing your blog and online writing

3,800,000 hits for Assassinate Obama-Death threats and hate run rampant

Threats towards our President Elect

Death threats and idle talk about assassination attempts should not be taken likely by popular culture, media and society.

A Quick History:

Presidents slain while in office:

* Abraham Lincoln
* James A. Garlfield
* William McKinley
* John F. Kennedy

Although you may be unfamiliar with this information, Two other Presidents should be on the list

* Zachary Taylor

* Warren G. Harding

In academic and scholarly circles both Presidents are accepted to have been the victims of poison plots. Zachary Taylors remains were exhumed and found to have substantial levels of arsenic and Warren G. Harding died of symptoms attributable to poisoning at a time when his impeachment seemed certain.

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Trying out a new dropshipper for eBay, Risk free

With the Christmas season coming, My eBay business faces a potential bottleneck, with money to invest into product I could easily see thousands of dollars this season in profit, but with the need to buy presents, multiple birthdays and holiday travel its hard to imagine having any substantial funds collected at once.

How will I solve this issue, Im going to finally try a drop shipper, now DOBA is a pretty well known resource but I figured it would be to well known to make a decent return on, Im hoping my better than average design, communication and marketing skills will give me the leg up on other DOBA users.

Also, if I found the appropriate niche that isnt over saturated I might make a good steady income… any thoughts on how I can find that niche?

Previously my skills have been in finding already hot products for low prices and maximizing my turnaround with careful timing, good communication etc.

Basically, Im a great salesman, but sourcing has been an up and down journey.

Why now, well DOBA is offering a free 7 day trial, ideally I would have started on a Thursday, tested with a bunch of three day auctions, and then canceled by Wednesday, but Im hoping that I wont have to cancel.

So give it a shot with me, 7 days free, mark your calender cancel on the 6th day, unlike most offers this should be easy to remember since you will be tracking your non existent items daily in your eBay.

At least I know I will.

It seems worst case scenario, Ill be out some listing fees, probably less than $4.00 which means Ill still profit by signing up via my own affiliate link.

My Myspace 2.0 page disapeared and its buggy!

Well Tom answered our questions yet again:

We had a bug during the night with layouts. If your PYZAM layout got wiped, go back and get it again. It should work now. If you are inputting your own colors or creating your own stylesheets, you may notice that currently the pound sign is blocked. This is a mistake and we’re working on a fix for this.


This was answered in my original blog post. From the Profile dropdown main menu (on the nav) choose “Customize Profile.” When the editor is loaded click the “Go Back” link in the top right. Then choose the 1.0 option. Don’t click it multiple times, or it’ll probably show an error (that’ll be fixed soon).


Wrong! You just can’t use 1.0 layouts! And, all layouts must be placed in the new CSS box. (You cannot put layout/css codes in the About Me, or anywhere else. They must go in the CSS box.)


Try, they already have 2400 layouts — nearly all their 1.0 layouts to 2.0 Layouts! Here’s a direct link to their 2.0 page:


Each module has special features. To access them, click the pencil icon on the top right of the module. Once this opens up, click the text link (top right) “Edit Basic Information.” From there you can choose your 3 photos. There’s a bug on small screen sizes where you can’t see the “Save Changes” button that sits underneath the 3 photos. If you can’t see it on your screen, just go to the regular Edit Profile link from the nav menu or home page – not, the customize page, just the regular edit profile page. The Edit profile link lets you edit your profile information (without using any customization options). Since its not in a popup window, you’ll be able to save the three photos here.


Click the pencil in the right corner of the friends module. You’ll be able to set the number of friends you’d like to display. To change the friends that actually appear there, you still need to go to friends and click the “Change Top Friends” link.


Click “Advanced Edit,” then choose “Background.” Copy & Paste the link to the background image you want to use in the “URL” field . Then click PREVIEW to see if your image appeared properly.


Some basic tags, like b, i, and center are being improperly filtered. We’re converting b and i to strong and em and will have them working Wednesday morning. We’re still working on center, and hope to have a fix next week.


With 2.0 there is no longer a single privacy on & off switch that affects the whole profile. (Your “My Account/Privacy” setting no longer applies once you convert to 2.0). Instead, you need to set the privacy on a module by module basis. The idea is you can show some things to the public, and other things to friends only. You can even show certain modules to specific categories of friends you’ve created on the friends page “my categories” tab. To set the privacy for a module, click the pencil in the top right, then click the radio button to choose who can see the module. Check the box “apply to all modules” if you want to make your whole profile viewable to the category you just selected.

There are little bugs here and there that were revealed when things went live to the whole site this morning. We are going to roll out a fix for several bugs Wednesday morning, November 12th (should be done by 10am). That said, the bugs are minor and you should be able to have a lot of fun with 2.0 right now. Try it out. 🙂 By the one and only Tom, I think Myspace users should check his page more often when they have problems!

If you read through youll see that the answer to most of your problems is “were working on it.” it would make sense that such a massive recode would have issues to work out. Guess what your the test dummies.

Privacy is set at a module by module basis, and 2.0 layouts are already rather prolific at website, I have links in the previous myspace post, look to the right to find the myspace category.

Personally, I no longer spend much time on Myspace, my addiction has moved on to dating websites.
Heres my favorite right now.

Fulfill Your Dreams

Ashley Madison, the one with all the mysterious late night ads. Yep, that one, i always thought it was for vampires from watching the ads, but I get way more messages than I do on myspace