Whizzinator makers plead guilty!

The two makers of the “whizzinator” pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to defraud the government and conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia.

Does this piss anybody else off? The item is basically a false penis with a warming element that one would store inside their clothes with clean urine (no drugs) and use to dupe a drug test.

My problem. Its not against the law to cheat a drug test for employment, many of us still think its a violation of privacy to request one.

How about automatic weapons, sniper sights and automobile, more of these have been used in the commission of a crime then a “whizzinator” Ive never even heard of them, yet the government spends money to prosecute!

It seems they are using its use to cheat probation/parole tests as evidence.

So get yourself a whizzinator while you still can! Or just dont do drugs!

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