Monthly Archives: December 2008

Auctiva is launching an ebay alternative site!

Auctiva a popularly used ebay listing tool (recommended by me), is launching its own ebay alternative. Hopefully ebay wont backlash by removing their partner status but considering how many sellers use their tools and there easy to remember domain they have a pretty good shot at being a strong alternative.

Good Luck auctiva!

Advertisements launched

Some of my partners recently launched a webpage dedicated solely to artists who self promote.

It explains in very simple terms how to use the internet to expose your art, how to monetize that exposure and start seeing profits from your work!

Very cool idea, so swing by and add your art site or advice to the collection! – ebay secrets and tips, ebay items for less, wholesalers and partners dropshippers

New ebay page with links to dropshippers and wholesalers