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I hate the new FaceBook layout and home page

Facebooks growth has been record breaking, recently in an attempt to take advantage of the popularity of Twitter’s micro blog market they have made some major changes to the sites interface.

These changes have not been taken well by a very vocal and dissatisfied community

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PayPal Postage Label Printers

If your into eBay, and your business is growing, than you should be automating as much of the process as possible. One o fthe great built in features of PayPal is automated postage printing.

But, to really use this feature to the max you need to print directly to labels. Although you may already be using standard size sticky paper for this purpose, you are not maximizing your profit because you are most likely printing with an inkjet printer.

Time to get a label printer caveman!

Below is a review and links to all the Paypal Compatible Label printers

Take a look through your options.