Friday Movie Social Night

Friday nights are movies nights at my house. Our family gathers in the family room with invited friends or neighbors to watch a fun movie. Sometimes it’s a small group of just the four of us, but we have had occasions with as many as 22 people over. We have a huge 65 inch television so it easy for everyone to see the screen. These days there are so many good movies available on our cable provider’s on demand service so it makes it easy to choose a movie. Last Friday we chose to watch the on demand movie “The Social Network” on our With all the Oscar buzz and controversial talk about this movie, it seemed like it was worth watching. Everyone who came over said that they enjoyed the movie. After the movie was over, we had many interesting conversations and insights into the movie plot and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Some thought the movie favored certain viewpoints and was not impartial, but it is a movie afterall. It was made for entertainment not just as a documentary. I thought it was good for the young people to learn more about the creation of the social website that they usually visit several times a day. Also, we enjoyed the cast of young male leads. Justin Timberlake did a surprisingly good job

Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard


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