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Dressing up your – iPad Skins

Ill put my feelings aside as to why a netbook is a much better, more powerful tool for mobile computing and address some of the customization issues required and available for the new(ish) apple iPad.

Some of the obvious flaws with the iPad are the lack of usb ports and the required use of proprietary connections instead – this alone would keep me from wanting to support Apple in this endeavor .. but there is nothing to be done at this point about that issue.

The shape of the ipad is interesting when it was an iPhone – but when used as a computing alternative it quickly proves lacking in keyboard, style and form factor.

You may enjoy the form factor and sleek appearance – but its quick to tarnish with fingerprints and for such an expensive gadget it very much lacks in protective components.

In order to create a personal style and also integrate some scratch protection a very affordable option lies in the iPad skin option

Many of the available ipad cases also integrate kickstands which allows you to have a propable device for typing and watching movies at an appropriate angle, this will also create some drop and fall protection.

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