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Creating the Perfect Avatar Costume

Creating the Perfect Avatar Costume is certainly going to be a high priority for many this Halloween season. Standing out from all the other Na’Vi running around in October will take attention to detail.

You could just run around naked, covered in blue paint and call yourself an Avatar NaVi. But that would be stupid, and you would look like a jack ass.

The important details for a solid Navi Costume will include a great Avatar Makeup Job and even possibly Avatar Masks or Prosthetics. But, the body paint, costume, ears and tail will really fill out your Na’Vi outfit.

Low quality, throwaway masks and costumes can be found at any costume shop, I imagine, you know the type of crap , you find in a Captain crunch box.

But, High quality special effects quality Avatar props do exist and with a little digging can be found at very affordable prices.

The best options I have discovered so far:

How to look like an Avatar : Avatar MakeUp Tutorial

Special Effect Quality Hollywood Latex Avatar Navi Masks

A new season means a new bag

Guest post written by Tara Stringer

I never feel like it’s a new season of the year until I make sure and find a new bag to get me through the season. I can’t really explain it. Maybe it’s just because I’m so rough on my purses anyway that after a season of carrying one around all the time, I’m honestly a little sick of it. Plus it isn’t in the best shape either. But I just now found my perfect bag for the fall season because I’ve been so busy. Other years I would have had my new perfect fall bag for at least a month by now!

I used my wireless internet Charlotte to browse around a lot to find some ideas about which kind of bag I would really love and would also be in current style now.

I finally tracked down this really cute, rich blue leather purse that I know is just me. It has a huge buckle on the front of it, which makes it even more interesting and looks like just my own personal style.