A new season means a new bag

Guest post written by Tara Stringer

I never feel like it’s a new season of the year until I make sure and find a new bag to get me through the season. I can’t really explain it. Maybe it’s just because I’m so rough on my purses anyway that after a season of carrying one around all the time, I’m honestly a little sick of it. Plus it isn’t in the best shape either. But I just now found my perfect bag for the fall season because I’ve been so busy. Other years I would have had my new perfect fall bag for at least a month by now!

I used my wireless internet Charlotte to browse around a lot to find some ideas about which kind of bag I would really love and would also be in current style now.

I finally tracked down this really cute, rich blue leather purse that I know is just me. It has a huge buckle on the front of it, which makes it even more interesting and looks like just my own personal style.


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