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Writing for money online

I dont know what it is about the word writing …but every time i type it, it comes out wriiting.
Just thought I would share.

So this site never gets updated anymore, after building it and getting into monetization methods I learned I wasnt allowed to use affiliate links on sites. They very nicely allowed me to keep the site if I removed the links, so I did and I am grateful, but Im not sure what reason i have to keep it alive now that I manage another 20 something sites.

So back to the point, I write for money online and figured I would liven up this decaying site by adding some fresh content.

If your into making money writing online here are a couple of resources I developed.


A summary of places that provide free online courses for writers, including the esteemed Massachusetts institute of technology (wtf..I cant type writer but I pull of Massachusetts just fine!) the article divides the resources by variety and also includes some paid courses for online content writing.

Top Ten Places To Write For Money Online

Just a quick summary and explanation of ten different and proven online wriitng resources

Writing for adsense – why dont I make money with adsense

I think the title tells enough


Writers Business

Anyone with the desire to look around a bit can create a full time income through writing on the web.
You have to figure out your strengths, are you good at technical writing? Can you write about any topic, do oyou like writing only about 1 topic, can you stay on theme for months at a time.

If any of these are true you may have what It takes to0 be a live at home, writer!

By taking advantage of freelance opportunites and inter connecting all the various witing sites,anybody can do it after a little research

There is a type of writing for everyone, try make money writng opportunities

Writing online for money

Writing online for money and maximizing content revenue

Do you realize that you can legitimately make 15 to 100 dollars per article written, articles that are only 300-500 words?

You can also make residuals and performance pay effectively creating a portfolio of writings that will pay for years to come

Give it a read and find out more..NOTHING FOR SALE!