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One of my favorite things to do in my down time (haha, yeah like I actually have extra time) is to shop online. You know how it is these days around the holidays when you have to get a gift for everyone in your life and you don’t want to spend one million dollars on gifts that you know your friends and family may or may not use. It is hard to find that perfect item for everyone on your list. One place that I know I can always find something is I know that I can always find something for myself on that site and most of the time I know what size to order. Luckily they have a great shipping and return program just in case I choose the wrong size. For gift items they are also great from a returns aspect. I purchased some shoes for my brother for Christmas from there and I don’t have to worry if they fit or not because their return process is so easy! So the next time you are using your satellite internet oregon check out, you won’t be disappointed.


How to make money on ebay – Ebay accepted payment policy exposed

All eBay sellers should know from eBays messaging system that check and money orders are no longer an accepted form of payment. This policy came into effect in October 2008.

The only accepted forms of payment are now via Paypal and ProPay. Which means your buyers can still use a e-check via Paypal but you are now protected via Paypal and on the downside forced to pay Paypal for processing fees.

What you may not know is that this policy will not be enforced until Jan 09th 2009. Meaning you can openly accept checks and money orders and state such in your listings until that date. Of course many will continue to list acceptance of these payment plans and will only be affected if there listing is reported.

Even after 01-09-09, a seller may continue to accept checks and money orders at the buyers request, but the buyer will not be protected under any of eBays protection policies and will not be eligible to file a dispute or leave negative feedback.

Straight from eBay:

What should I do if I have long-standing, repeat customers who insist on paying with checks or money orders, even after I explain the benefits of electronic payments and offer suggestions?
We know this may happen occasionally. A seller can accept check and money order payment from a buyer if (and only if) the buyer requests it. We will not take action against a seller who is trying to accommodate their buyer, complete a sale and be in compliance with the policy. Once these changes go into effect October 20, 2008, a seller cannot in any way solicit check or money order payment from a buyer. This is considered “abuse of the payments policy”. We will take action against such abuse. Remember also, you can refuse to accept these payment methods. If the buyer doesn’t pay, you can file an unpaid item (UPI) complaint. Buyers who insist on paying with these prohibited payment methods in a UPI claim will lose the claim and will not be allowed to leave negative feedback.

You may have noticed that I have not mentioned ProPay at all, at this time ProPay is a flimsy alternative payment option, probably allowed only to hide eBAys obvious monopoly over the entire auction system.

Without PowerSeller status (a very high transaction rate), one is not eligible for a ProPay merchant account. Supposedly other payment options will be announced in the coming months.

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ebay Auction Software Auctiva ebay selling tips


Most of us who are active on eBay are accustomed to frequent and poor attempts to steal or “phish” our passwords via bogus emails.

They are usually pretty easily seen, But I was almost taken by this one, perhaps because I was bleery eyed at 4am when I first opened the email, but nonetheless I figured I share so others would know what to look for.

Before I post it, In case you dont read all the way through, Remember these 3 tips, so that you are NEVER successfully phished.


  • Select details or show more details, in your email heading, although the email may say Paypal the originating address is more important.
  • ex)1st flag
    from PayPal <>
    date Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 12:33 AM
    subject, please restore your account access
    You will see that colored heading does say Paypal but, the actual originating address is originating from the domain, not as it should!
  • Next, They addressed me by my email address, Paypal will ALWAYS use your registered name
  • And finally as a security precaution, never log in from a link in the email, open a new window or tab and log in directly from the site.
  • I did perform a WhoIs search on the originating domain on this fraud attempt (, they used the sub domain “paypal update” but they are paying for a privacy service, I called but was directing to their registrar who was unable to help due to the service.
  • see the rest of the email below, pretty tricky, It was formatted well unlike most…so beware, but if you follow the three tips you will never get tricked again, if you do get one, forward it to, they send you an automated thank you and they seem to get the originating web pages/emails/links/domains shut down very quickly.


PayPal works 24/7 to help safeguard your privacy and protect your identity by using advanced technology and vigilant monitoring. We deploy fraud prevention technology that monitors transactions for suspicious activity.

As part of our efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for the online community, we regularly screen account activity. While reviewing your PayPal and eBay accounts, we observed activity that we would like to further verify. For this reason, limitations have been placed on your account(s) until we are able to gather some additional information from you.

In order to resolve the account limitations, please complete the following steps:

1. Log into your PayPal account
2. Complete the necessary information

  • Contact information – your name, address, phone, email, and other similar information.
  • Financial information – the bank account numbers and credit card numbers that you link to your PayPal account.
  • We may require you to provide additional information we can use to verify your identity or address or manage risk, such as your date of birth, social security number or other information.

    Account Review Department
    Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

    In case you were interested the link they direct you to is here ( You’ll notice it actuall begins with etc. so pretty in depth attempt!

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