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The Avatar Movie and the future of 3D television

The James cameron film has opened up the eyes of the viewing public to see the future of the theater experience.

The buzz has been huge, there are so many awesome related concepts that have developed from this phenom.

Although you are not likely to find any theaters currently showing the film, you can find pre-order deals on the dvd. The Avatar DVD will be available in 2D, BlueRay and most likely very soon in 3D Bluray!

Best source for Avatar BlueRay DVD

AFter the summer, Home 3D technology will allow for viewing 3d stereoscopic theater in your living room.

This will require the use of stereoscopic 3d glasses

The merchandise and toys for Avatar are pretty cool.

Most Avatar T-shirts incorporate glow in the dark ink

The Avatar Toy Line uses webcams to create interactive 3d experiences that will acclimate your child to the ways of the future.

SOme of the select best toys include:

    Avatar navi Toys
    Avatar jake Toys

Buy Avatar stuff now, as when the Avatar sequel and trilogy comes out, the collectible prices will be huge.

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