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PayPal Postage Label Printers

If your into eBay, and your business is growing, than you should be automating as much of the process as possible. One o fthe great built in features of PayPal is automated postage printing.

But, to really use this feature to the max you need to print directly to labels. Although you may already be using standard size sticky paper for this purpose, you are not maximizing your profit because you are most likely printing with an inkjet printer.

Time to get a label printer caveman!

Below is a review and links to all the Paypal Compatible Label printers


Take a look through your options.

Auctiva is launching an ebay alternative site!

Auctiva a popularly used ebay listing tool (recommended by me), is launching its own ebay alternative. Hopefully ebay wont backlash by removing their partner status but considering how many sellers use their tools and there easy to remember domain they have a pretty good shot at being a strong alternative.

Good Luck auctiva!


Trying out a new dropshipper for eBay, Risk free

With the Christmas season coming, My eBay business faces a potential bottleneck, with money to invest into product I could easily see thousands of dollars this season in profit, but with the need to buy presents, multiple birthdays and holiday travel its hard to imagine having any substantial funds collected at once.

How will I solve this issue, Im going to finally try a drop shipper, now DOBA is a pretty well known resource but I figured it would be to well known to make a decent return on, Im hoping my better than average design, communication and marketing skills will give me the leg up on other DOBA users.

Also, if I found the appropriate niche that isnt over saturated I might make a good steady income… any thoughts on how I can find that niche?

Previously my skills have been in finding already hot products for low prices and maximizing my turnaround with careful timing, good communication etc.

Basically, Im a great salesman, but sourcing has been an up and down journey.

Why now, well DOBA is offering a free 7 day trial, ideally I would have started on a Thursday, tested with a bunch of three day auctions, and then canceled by Wednesday, but Im hoping that I wont have to cancel.

So give it a shot with me, 7 days free, mark your calender cancel on the 6th day, unlike most offers this should be easy to remember since you will be tracking your non existent items daily in your eBay.

At least I know I will.

It seems worst case scenario, Ill be out some listing fees, probably less than $4.00 which means Ill still profit by signing up via my own affiliate link.