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Add a Favicon to your web page!

I am currently redesigning the Sunforged.com website. As a fun feature I decided to create my own favicon.

A favicon is the image that appears next to the URL bar in your Browser – some very recognizable ones would be the Google “G” the Gmail – envelope and the Craigslist Peace symbol.

In addition to appearing in the URL bar it can be associated with favorites and bookmarks to quickly find the URL from a big list from its recognizable icon.

The process is actually very easy. One selects an image editing program creates a canvas that is 16 X 16 pixels and gets to designing, this is very small, so a limited palette is suggested.

Once a suitable design is completed save the design as “favicon.ico” and upload to your index files via your ftp client, Now, the browser will display your image when someone is viewing your page. Pretty cool!

The icon can also be associated with any bookmarks or favorites that your viewers make by using a little bit of code and placing between the head tags of your page..

This is the code:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”favicon.ico” >

Of course if you are not capable of creating your own favicon from scratch here is an auto generator its very cool and easy to use. I experimented with 20 or so images before deciding to just create my image from scratch.

Favicon Generator and Validator

View the favicon in action notice its in the URL bar and in the tab. The Sunforged Site

Learning WordPress

Day 1: Registered wordpress site

Day 2: Created header image in Photoshop, selected theme and created page hierarchy. Learned that I will be unable to migrate page to http://www.sunforged.com as I originally planned without beginning a new Linux based Hosting account.

Day 3: Began to experiment with incorporating ebay widgets that show my current listings, but alas wordpress.org does not allow java based widgets on their servers.

Day 4: I am quite put back by the inability to use java based widgets as I had planned on incorporating ebay design, development and products throughout this site. I have learned that I will be able to use the Flickr Widget in conjunction with rss feeds to display my portfolio of artworks that are at this time viewable at sunforged.com and various online portfolio sites

Day 10: I have put off design and function issues in order to focus on a massive amount of content that I have backlogged. I have found some workarounds relating to using built in rss widgets and text boxes to include content and links that I previously considered impossible to include due to free hosting constraints.

I will be purchasing paid hosting soon and then I can focus on a more visually appealing page, but for now it will be content driven

The page has changed dramatically though and I will be including a new screenshot.

Screenshot of page as of Day 4

Screenshot of page as of Day 4

Day 10

Day 10