Auctiva Attack Site warning: 2

Please read most current updates on auctiva reported as attack site

I see this post is getting some hits, i was really just venting, so my answers for you.

1.Dont be concerned

2. to bypass the warning, just click the link on the bottom right of your warning screen.

3. If you read the report on why, you would see that there is no legitimate reason shown for the warning

4. I found it impossible to list via the site because every new window gave me that warning which just became annoying.

5 Just in case you didnt know, since auctiva and ebay are linked your listings will still show your slider and your warranty info and counters if you list via ebay today…you just wont get your tempaltes and pre filled info, you can get the auctions going and just go back and revise once the site warning goes away.

6. this is an issue with your firefox browsers security settings…you can simply whitelist the site in your options to get around this issue
I have read that the issue also effects googlechrome

7. Auctiva knows about the issue and claims that it relates to there recent server switch

Wow, super annoying…today Im trying to set up some quick 24 hour eBay auctions via – every damn page I go forward I get the reported attack site warning from firefox…every page!

The worst part is when you read through the reasons for the warning, there are none! For every delineated reason a page could be reported, the page clearly states that Auctiva had not been reported for that reason.

Hopefully that goes away soon, as I have my templates stored by Auctiva.. jeez, sometimes technology just isnt cool


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