Auctiva reported as Attack site warning TRUE

Auctiva reported as attack site warning TRUE

SInce yesterdays article on the seemingly innocuous Auctiva warning, it has come to my attention that warning details have changed.

The google warning now displays that the site has detected threats.

sunday auctiva warning reported as attack site

sunday auctiva warning reported as attack site

Personally, I am not concerned about actually having my system integrity compromised as a have a new and current AV running at all times and firewall and am behind a router.

I did access the site today to check on the current warning screen.

But how does this effect us as sellers who use Auctiva.

If your bidders selects “supersize image” they will see the attack warning

If your bidder uses the auction scroller they will see attack warning

If your bidder attempts to use the auctiva checkout system, they will receive attack warning, do you have your system set to automatically thank new bidders or winning bidders – they will receive an attack warning.

This will scare many of out less tech savvy bidders, who may even blame us the auction holders as being the culprits.

I would have really appreciated seeing some sort of notification or statement from auctiva about this issue.

I actually think their silence is proof that they do not have the issue under control and are not capable of fixing the problem

Considering there launch of teh Auctiva e commerce stores soon, this is not a good sign of customer service and integrity.

A conspiracy theory, perhaps ebay was concerned about losing some of their market share and decided to use gray channels to fight back?

Another risk that you may have not realized is that your token has your auctiva and ebay accounts linked, theoretically if the auctiva system is compromised mysterious auctions and edits could be made into your ebay account!

This is an example of getting what you pay for, although I was seriously considering getting involved with auctiva ecommerce stores…but now i wonder

have any of you actually felt a backlash from your bidders as a result of this snafu?


2 responses to “Auctiva reported as Attack site warning TRUE

  1. You are RIGHT on POINT, this is very serious for many of us. I am watching Auctiva with you…

  2. I had 5 auctions running to end tonight and this morning I canceled all 5 auctions. Did not like that if a bidder clicked on the super-size pics that the warning came up. I would have been scared away if I was going to bid on it.

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